dictionary definition of Brazen In British English. adjective. shameless and bold




The website is getting a bit of a tidy up so please bear with us...


We are quite new and very small but very bold! and at least one of us is shameless.


Our main focus is drama but good people keep bringing us great ideas that they want to work on inclusively and collaboratively and they aren't all drama!


This means our current slate has drama, comedy, kids, animation and factual...oh and radio.

What we make

is as much about

how we make it

as it is about what we make

does that make sense?


We are a disabled-led company registered in York and working remotely across England.

We really enjoy working with deaf, disabled, neurodiverse and autistic people on all sorts of projects as writers, actors, crew, post production teams, social media managers......


We don't like silos but we love inclusion and intersectionality.



Our mission is to practice true inclusion on all projects and at all stages. This means that relevant lived experiences do not always have to be the writer. It doesn't mean that we only employ DDNA talent, creatives, craft and technicians to work on disabled themed projects. What it does mean is that we look at every project, no matter what the storyline and embed inclusive and non -siloed practices into scripting,casting, crewing, production, post and distribution.


We don’t want you to just send us DDNA talent and ideas. We want you to send us talented, exciting, collaborative and disruptive talent and ideas and we will bake them into our inclusive working. 

We will be clear and honest with you at every stage so here's a starter for 10:

We will consider solving murders but we don't want to see them.

Stories with violence against women or girls we will run past the Solace test:

is it needed?

is it truthful?
is it victim blaming?

we are tiny. If you have an idea please send a succinct one page or less. If it feels Brazen we will contact you for a chat. If we don't have capacity to even read the one pager we will let you know.


audio version of 'about Brazen' here


We are tweaking our website so please bear with us. It is not our strong point and we are doing it ourselves

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